13 March 2015

New way to find my goods

You can now find my wares at Found on Fremont, an inspiring boutique that features new and vintage items, upcycled housewares, and various other goodies. I have a booth upstairs along the windows that I am sharing with my Mother-in-law, the talented and crafty Kathy, and together our work is a bit different so there is a little something for everyone. I've been busy building new displays and structures for the space, but there's still much to find there currently, including these jewelry holders I made from previous unfinished projects:

Once part of a series of whirligigs I made, back when I had a space for woodworking and one less child (equating to lots more random free time.) They were featured in a silly little animated movie you might still be able to see on YouTube here. These particular figures never managed to find their proper working windmill arms, so instead they are now functional jewelry holders.

You can also find these little bear stuffies, my latest printing-on-fabric endeavor:

Here's a little peak into their creation. First, the linoleum I carved:

After printing the linoleum using non-toxic fabric silkscreen ink onto muslin, each print was washed to test its permanence. Here is the fabric after laundering (thank you, unusually warm March weather!)

Once dry, I paired each bear front with scraps of fabric both new and vintage for the back. These bears are waiting for you to take home, perfect for Easter baskets and Spring equinox celebration.

You can also find these necklaces, as usual they are printed from my various linoleum carvings. The pendants are wood, sealed in museum wax, and feature various stones and metal.

Found on Fremont is located at 47th and Fremont. If you get there before 4pm, you can visit Pip's nearby and grab some of their yummy donuts and amazing house made chai teas.

28 January 2015

The block I printed today, and Happy New Year to you.

I happened to be carving a menorah when the events at Charlie Hebdo and the kosher market were unfolding. Today I inked and printed the block, and realized I will always think back to that day each time I print this block in the future. It was a sad way to start off the new year, but a reminder of how small our world is.

It gave me comfort to think of the light of the candles.

27 November 2014

Thank You!

Last night I had a dream that I held a miniature house made of wood. It was a Victorian style home, intricately carved by hand, with a hinged wall that opened up to reveal tiny wooden figures inside and their furnishings, including an upright piano. It came to be that I was standing in front of an audience, explaining that the house was made by Great Grandfather in Germany when my Grandmother had to leave because of the war, "Like so many people have to do, even to this day. No one deserves to have to leave their home, the place they love."

When you have a dream like this, that feels so possible to be real, it's hard to not keep thinking about it during waking hours. I've decided it was a reminder that I spend a lot of time thinking about what I don't have, when the best things are right here - My home. Helen Keller said "Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want."  It's ringing true for me right now.

Five is a great number, it's the age of my son. Here are five things that I am thankful for:

 5. My 18 year old deaf kitty, who can still climb into our laps and purr and lick our faces when we sleep in.
 4. The early morning bike ride with my son to his school.
 3. My garden, even in the winter when everything turns brown and hibernates.
 2. Good food, like a slider slowburger, or fresh roast beef and kale salad on a hike in the rainy falls. Or a housemade spicy chai from the local coffee/donut shop.

1. My family. They keep me smiling, and tolerate my art making like I tolerate their fart jokes.

How about you? What are you thankful for?

21 November 2014

More new holiday things...

Freshly printed, hot off the press:

Available soon in the ole Etsy shop!

12 November 2014

New Holiday card sets now available at Paperjam Press

Brrrr... it's a bit cold over here in the Northwest! Kinda helps get us into the winter holiday mood. For the first time, I'm offering digital reproductions of my linocuts as holiday card sets. Four different designs, 2 of each style, with envelopes. Best of all? They are printed on 100% recycled paper.

Have you heard of Paperjam Press? It is my favorite local print shop here in Portland, Oregon. They are great folks to work with, eco-friendliness is important to them, and they have experience working with artists. They are my go to for any digital printing needs (as a printmaker, I am picky!)

And ....they currently have their retail space decked out with local artist holiday card sets. Feels good to get an early start!

05 November 2014

A little bit about my process

It begins with a messy table. Fueled by coffee, patterns and drawings begin to emerge...


Once a drawing is ready, the pencil lines are transferred to linoleum, and the image is carved.


(Side note: Did you know that pikas have no tails and do not hibernate?)

Next the linoleum is fixed to a piece of pressed fiber board and is ready to be printed. Getting out the ink is one my favorite parts of the process. It means I'm done with the registering (the brain-melting part) and ready to work with color. In this case, since pikas live in rocky habitats, I mixed a warm grey for the background. Each color is printed separately. Here's the first print run:

Wall of Pikas

Any other colors or text are added in different print runs, either by hand or letterpress. It can take up to a week for a design to be finished, depending on the number of colors. For the pika, I only used warm grey and gold ink, so I was able to finish him in a day. Here he is:

You can find him here in my Etsy shop.

New card sets available!

 Right now I'm offering any 4 of my flora and fauna cards as a set, ready to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. These are perfect little note cards for any occasion, and they are printed with a combination of letterpress type and by hand, so they are little works of art that fit in your palm, and great for framing.


Take a peek in my Etsy shop to see the whole series.


So far, there are 8 designs to choose from. You can purchase the set here.

20 October 2014

More new things

New linocuts, some fresh off the press. Sketches to follow shortly...

Once again, they are available in my Etsy shop.... here!

09 October 2014

Another Sketch, with Birds on it

On a road trip to Eugene I noticed brown hawks perched like sentinels on the surrounding fence posts. The birds repeated every couple of mile or so, and were low enough that I could see their faces peering around. Since I know nothing of bird lifestyles, I wondered if the hawks have always been so prominent along our highways and I just never paid attention, or if this was some special time for the birds to be willing to come so close to us.

Later, D and I got to attend an Audubon Society bird talk at a campground, and I felt a little closer to understanding the birds around us. I was proud that D quickly identified the Great Horned Owl (I couldn't get a good shot, but here is a Northern Spotted Owl that was found wounded in the Mt. Hood forest...)

D also identified the Peregrine Falcon, probably from lots of unchecked tv time watching Wild Kratts.

Personally, I fell in love with the American Kestral, because it is so itty bitty and it has beautiful red and blue feathers.

As part of my research of common local flora and fauna, I started sketching and researching the birds that I see and hear of the most in the Northwest. They of course migrate all over - we had herons in Florida - but just recently I came upon a heron in the water while kayaking, and it was a perfect moment of stillness.

08 October 2014

Reading, Writing, Sketching

Lately I've been researching the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest. It was one of my end-of-summer goals, after spending the past season in kayaks, running through sand dunes, and hiking through the falls. I chose plants that I see often, including some that I've spied in our own backyard and thought "I should know what that is!" So it's been great to finally have the time to sit down and research.

The finished linocuts are available as blank cards in my Etsy shop here.

05 October 2014

Flora and Fauna

I've been researching the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, which has led me to make a new series based on my drawings and notes. Here's a sample, the ink is still wet!

Available for purchase in my Etsy shop here.

02 October 2014

October, and still sunny

This is the view from my studio.
This morning was gorgeous.
I want to take a moment to relish in this memory, 
before the long grey rainy days begin...